Let’s hear it for Echo – a dog with a ‘tail’ to tell


A hearing dog in Essington has proved he can turn his paw to anything, by raising the alarm when he sensed a neighbour was in trouble.

Echo is a 10-year-old spaniel who lives with John Inkson in an apartment in Cherry Tree Court. The retirement living community provides independent living accommodation for around 70 people and is managed by Care Plus, part of Housing Plus Group. Echo is a hearing dog, who provides invaluable support as well as companionship for his owner.

John explained that his dog’s caring nature means that he is also ready to step in to help other people in need. 

“I was asleep when Echo woke me. He was on my bed and obviously wanted me to get up,” says John. “It isn’t like him to wake me in the night but he kept going to the door and coming back to me, showing that he wanted me to follow him.”

When John opened his door he discovered that a neighbour had fallen, and was unable to get up.

“I was able to use a pendant alarm to call for help for the lady, while Echo comforted her.”

Although shaken, fortunately, the woman was not seriously hurt.

John is understandably proud of his dog: “I said, ‘Don’t thank me, thank my dog’. He’s more than my best friend, he’s a hero.”

Les Clarke is director of care and support at Housing Plus Group. He said that Echo is a firm favourite with residents, staff and visitors. “A number of residents bring their pets with them when they move into our apartments and we do everything that we can to support that special friendship. In the case of Echo, he is more than a great companion, he’s an assistance dog who is a huge part of the Cherry Tree Court community.”   

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