New technology to keep you safe

Care Plus is introducing new technology designed to provide complete peace of mind for people who receive care in their own home as well as reassurance for their families.

New stickers containing the latest short range wireless communication chips are attached to individual care plans or key fobs. Carers scan these devices with their mobile phones each time they arrive in your home and again when they leave. This helps us to make certain that you receive the right care and the right time, from the right carer.

In the very unlikely event that a care visit is missed, we will be able to put that right, without you needing to contact us. We can also see when carers are running behind schedule, so that we can get in touch to let you know, or assign another carer to your appointment.

The communication chips are completely safe and can easily be replaced if they are lost or damaged.

Les Clarke, director of care and support, said that the technology is part of a commitment to customer safety: “This is a really positive improvement to our service, underlining our promise to put the safety and wellbeing of our customers first. People receiving care and support in their own homes rely on this care to live independently.

This system brings the peace of mind which is crucial to that independence and in time, it will also offer the facility for family members to be able to confirm care visits have taken place by logging on to the system online.

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