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Joan Allmark

Former Mill House resident Joan Allmark believes it’s never too late to take a chance on romance. She has moved into a new home with Tom, who used to live next door to her at Mill House.

“When I moved into Mill House two years ago, the last thing I imagined was that I’d be moving out as part of a couple,” says Joan.

When Joan moved into Mill House, Tom popped round with a kindly welcome and the two soon became friends.

“My granddaughter said, “He likes you, Nan!” but I told her not to be daft.”

Soon, though, Joan and Tom went on their first date, a day trip to Bewdley. They have been together ever since.

“It’s lovely to have the companionship. We’ve been on holiday to Wales and Cornwall. I used to go away before I met Tom but it’s much nicer to travel with someone special.”

Although she hadn’t lived in Mill House long, Joan had settled into her flat and the green-fingered resident had even given a facelift to the communal gardens. Understandably, she was upset to learn of plans to redevelop the site.

“Once I’d had time to think about it, though, I realised that it’s a blessing. My flat is at the front of the building and I have breathing problems made worse by the traffic fumes and sandstone dust. I’ve suffered with asthma and even had pneumonia while I’ve lived here.

“Tom and I had thought about getting a bungalow together. When we heard about the redevelopment we decided we might as well move in together and make it official!

“We are moving into a nice area with our own garden. Our families can stop worrying about us. My daughter Daniella lives in Kinver and she’s over the moon. Tom’s family are happy that he’s got someone to organise him!”

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