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Joyce's Story

We’re talking to some of our customers who are socially distancing. Isolating but not on their own. Joyce lives in one of our retirement living communities. This is her story. 

“I’m very independent and usually quite happy on my own but it’s hard not being able to go out. It’s the little things that I mind, like not being able to pop in and say ‘hello’ to the people in my local shops. Those are the friendly faces I usually see every day and I miss them. 

I’ve felt a little bit vulnerable in the last few weeks and that’s really not like me, at all. I’m very lucky, though. One of my neighbours has got a scooter that she uses to make the odd trip to Sainsbury’s. She’ll always pick up a pint of milk for me and there is a lady who visits another resident who has offered to help if I want anything.  

The staff here are marvellous. They called three times last week, to check I was OK and see if there was anything I needed. They dropped-off a newsletter and an activity file to keep me busy and today I met the young lady who will be starting as an activity coordinator when all this is over. She delivered a Malteser bunny, so life is good! 

I’ve watched plenty of good films and each morning, while I drink my cup of tea, I go on to Facebook to see who’s doing what. I like all the videos on there - children talking to grandparents who can’t be with them, everyone clapping. I’ve learned how to use Messenger Video to keep in touch with my family, too. Oh my goodness, when I saw myself on screen for the first time, I wanted to hide! 

My Kindle has been a lifesaver. I have joined a sort of virtual library where I can borrow ten books at a time. When I read, I’m not in lockdown; I can be on a beach, in a beautiful hotel, anywhere the author takes me. Today, I’m in New Orleans, at Mardis Gras.  

If I was to offer one piece of advice, I’d say don’t frighten yourself by getting too caught up in the news. I turn the television off every time they report how many people have been taken ill. When they start talking about survivors, I’ll be cheering.  

Like everyone else, I’m just trying to be patient and waiting for life to start-up again.”  

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