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Tina's story

We’re talking to some of our customers who are socially distancing during the coronavirus pandemic. Tina has cerebral palsy. She lives in an apartment with her parents, in a Care Plus retirement living community. This is her story. 

“Things are very different at the moment. I’m luckier than a lot of people because my mom and dad live here with me, too. It’s hard, though, when you spend so much time together. I always enjoy the social life here and I do miss everyone. 

“I’ve been taking a few rides around the building. It’s nice to see people and we have a few chats, making sure we stay well apart from each other.  

“I’m trying to keep some things the same. I’ve been taking singing lessons and I wouldn’t have wanted those to stop but fortunately I’ve been able to have my lessons by video. My neighbours have started singing from our balconies and windows each week. It’s lovely and I get to practice what I’ve learned in my lessons! 

“If I was going to offer one piece of advice in lockdown, I’d say you don’t have to see people face-to-face, to keep in touch. When this started, I didn’t know how to use Facebook. Our activities coordinator, De, asked if I wanted help to get on there and now I use it to connect with friends.  

“We’ve had lots of support from the staff here. They often ring up to check we are OK or just for a chat. At first, we couldn’t get a food delivery and I was really worried. Tracey, a retirement living officer, put me in touch with a farm shop nearby and we got everything we needed. I know that the team is always there, ready to help. We’re isolating but we’re not on our own.”  

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