Wolves commentator scores career goal

For Robbie, football has always been his first love. He started playing for teams when he was just seven years old and carried on until his early 20s.  

Since then, all his spare time has been spent creating content for Wolves channels on YouTube, presenting the Saturday Sport Show on Wolverhampton’s community radio station and covering his team’s games for BBC Radio WM.    

By day, Robbie worked in pubs. He was good at his job but he was looking for a new challenge that was flexible enough to fit into his busy life. That was how the football fan became both commentator and carer. 

“It had got to the point where I wasn’t looking forward to work. I’d walk in, wondering what I was going to face that day.  

“My sister is a carer and she suggested that I look into a change of career. I didn’t think I stood a chance because I hadn’t got any experience and I don’t drive but I have always enjoyed helping people. I had a look at the Care Plus website, filled-in the form and a couple of days later I had an interview. 

“I was interviewed by Jenna, who explained that she had also been new to care when she joined Care Plus.. She’s got a lot of responsibility now, so I could see that there are opportunities for development.  

“To my surprise, I actually enjoyed the interview and later that day I was really pleased to hear that I’d got a new job! 

“I needn’t have worried about my lack of experience. The training was really good and I also spent time shadowing colleagues before I went out on my own. I provide care to people in their homes. My calls are mostly within walking distance but sometimes two carers are needed for a particular visit and then I might pair up with a driver and we’ll go further afield. 

“I started at a strange time for any new job, in the middle of lockdown. I never felt anxious about that. We have all the PPE we need and really clear guidelines to keep us and our customers safe. 

“There hasn’t been a single day when I haven’t looked forward to starting work. I’ve got the regular people I visit and I really enjoy seeing them. It’s like working with friends.  

“We aren’t rushed. We have time to spend with people. Sometimes I might be the only person they see that day and that’s important.  

“In the morning, after I’ve helped a customer shower and dress, got breakfast and made sure they have their medication, there’s time for a chat. I find out what interests them. Fortunately, some of my ‘regulars’ like football and one is even a Wolves fan! 

“One customer asked if I could take him out to the pub. I got approval for that, as long as I didn’t have a drink, of course. Care Plus is very aware of the importance of relieving social isolation in older people, so we went out together, to the pub. They were showing that weekend’s Wolves game on the TV. We talked about all the great players that he could remember and he really enjoyed himself, although I could have done without seeing that 4-0 defeat again! 

“If you enjoy helping people and want to do something where you make a positive difference, I’d really recommend this job.” 

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